Thursday, November 6, 2014

Elder Phillips is in the house--with Spiders and Spanish Chilean Style!


It’s been a crazy past couple days. Not much time this week but I will tell you the important stuff. Made it safely with all of my luggage. Gave out two books of Mormon on the airplane! It was super fun to do it in Spanish. I am in Vallenar, the southernmost city in the mission. It has some green here.... AND TONS OF NASTY SPIDERS. I might die. I hate them so much haha.

My apartment is pretty old and run down but it has a working toilet and shower. My companion and trainer is Elder G. I prayed hard for a good trainer and I got one! This is his last transfer (he will go home in six weeks). He is from Mexico. He speaks some English, since he was an Assistant to the President (one of a few missionaries who work with and report directly to the Mission President—it is a leadership position over the other missionaries). He is very qualified to help me since I definitely need it!

I live on the top of a hill overlooking the main part of the town. Elder S. (his companion in the MTC) is working down in the city. It was a ten-hour bus ride down here from Antofagasta—very long!!

The Spanish here is crazy. It will take me a while to get it down. I know I can do this--I keep telling myself--it’s just a big adjustment. But I’m here, I’m safe, and I am teaching my first lesson tonight to an investigating family. Here we go!!! Did I mention I hate spiders.... haha… but seriously.

Everything is awesome--I feel the Lord helping me,

Elder Phillips

My Mission President and his wife--the Daltons

We arrived!

Antofagasta's famous landmark "La Portada is in the background.

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