Monday, March 9, 2015

Just Around the River Bend to Copiapo


I may be stretching it a bit talking about a river, I think it dried up a long time ago...maybe just around the highway bend :)

Part 1
So I am in the Internet cafe getting ready to catch a bus to Copiapo (the city just above Vallenar).  It was pretty unexpected but I’m excited for this transfer.  My new companion is a Chileno, and I will be in the city part of the town.  All the church members here in Vallenar keep telling me its super hot and dry in Copiapo.  (mom’s note:  it is a much larger city than Vallenar--about 130,000, and the main industry is silver and copper mining.)

I’m actually sad to leave, but excited to go.  I didn’t know how much I had grown to love these people until I had to leave.  Bearing my testimony at church yesterday I couldn’t help but cry.  Yes, sometimes it was hard, frustrating, and lonely, with lots of days spent walking--but I gave Vallenar my all and after 5 months, my time here is over.
I guess when you give your whole heart to something, you can’t help but love it. There must be a lesson in there somewhere :)

Don’t know if I will have more time to write when I get there, so have a great week!!  Love you all!

Part 2
Ok, made it here!  Took a two-hour bus ride north with nothing but pure desert.  Wow, it really is dry here.  It looks a lot like Vallenar, but the city is bigger and drier.  They have a Lider (Walmart) and a giant food court in the mall.  I had a delicious sandwich today in the food court with my new companion--he’s funny and likes to work, so yeah!

My new apartment has two floors and 4 missionaries.  Haven't met the other two yet.

Honestly, it was sad to leave, but I’m happy to be here. A fresh start, a new mini mission.  Lets see what happens!! As my Grandpa Ray used to say, “A change is as good as a rest.”  Sounds like a plan to me.  And did I tell you that sandwich was super good?

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

Copiapo--my new home!

My new companion and my delicious sandwich!

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