Friday, April 10, 2015

My Version of the Disney Jungle Cruise

Monday April 6, 2015


Hope you enjoyed your Easter! Mine was probably a little different than yours, unless you spent it in rivers of mud and dust clouds--then it would be very similar to mine.

We weren't able to do normal missionary work again this whole week due to the flooding, which now is now a stinky layer of mud covering all of downtown, and dust up where we are (explaining the gangsta mask pic).  That would be all fine and and dandy if the mud didn’t mix with the overflowing sewer waters making for a very stinky Copiapò.  It sure has been an adventure! Might need to buy new shoes after this haha :P

On Wednesday we went to downtown to help a lady dig out her house, a 4-hour process.  Standing in the bed of a truck being splashed by passing cars in the rivers once called streets, watching the water lap up on the muddy shores of people's porches, I couldn’t help feel like I was on Disney's Jungle Cruise! Don't judge me, anyone who knows me understands I just can't help loving Disneyland.

Speaking of Disneyland, we were allowed to go to member’s houses to watch general conference (a bi-annual meeting for our whole church on TV). We walked in the house and BAM, there it was--a giant poster of California Screamin ( a mickey mouse roller coaster) from California Adventure.  I freaked out.  I asked the man where he got it and all he said was, "I bought it cause it looked cool."

Even though watching conference in Spanish was a little harder than watching it in English, it was wonderful anyways. Found it interesting how many talks were focused on marriage and family.  And it got really interesting when the Spanish translator started DYING or something during the talk--coughing and gagging.  There was silence until a new voice came on 30 seconds later.  Hope that guy is ok.

I’m eternally grateful for a family who loves me.  I’m glad that in a world so messed up with values, I have my head on straight. I'm grateful for this chance to really develop into the person I want to be for the rest of my life--a disciple of Christ—which is the most important thing I can do with my life. I am also thankful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with others.  And most importantly, I am grateful for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and the sacrifice he made for all of us.

Enjoy your Easter leftovers!  I will be eating ramen with mayo, ketchup and chlorinated water.  The mission is so weird it ROCKS! :P

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

My "Gangsta" mask
The Disney Picture!

The Jungle Cruise

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