Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A Penny for Your Thoughts

Happy Star Wars day—may the fourth be with you!

A little disappointing this week as far as investigators go.  Our family who I love to death is having a hard time, and the 16 old daughter who we were getting ready for baptism decided to wait until she is 18 to make her decision.  And our other investigators...well, we don’t have any others right now.

But on the bright side some members have been giving us references, so we have lessons this week with some new people!!

We went to the feria, kind of like a giant garage sale stretching down many streets, to promote the church’s #BecauseHelives campaign. Sometimes as a missionary, I feel like a giant walking piece of honey that attracts all the lost and disoriented bees—which is fine, it just never happened to me before. Maybe it’s because I look happy and approachable—I smile a lot when I can’t understand words or think of the right ones to say lol.  I was able to talk to one regular lady who didn’t believe in Christ but thought it was intriguing that I could have enough faith in Him to come down here for 2 years.  And for entertainment two women got into a fistfight right in front of us.  I think they were arguing over the price of some shish kabobs.

We were excited for our ward activity on Friday, Si no sabe, ¡baile! (If you don’t know, dance) where you were asked a question and if you didn’t had to dance.  Unfortunately the activity wasn’t advertised well and not many people came—so I had to dance.  I REALLY was hoping that video would never see the light of day.... but members told me they put it on Facebook already. Que vergüenza.

In one of my reflection moments (you have a lot on your mission), I thought, "If someone came right now and did some Harry Potter magic, pulling out my thoughts, what would they be worth?"  Like the saying, “a penny for your thoughts”  Or would my thoughts be worth more than a penny? I hope so!  Everything in our life starts with what we think about--our view of the world, other people, even what we think of ourselves.  If our purpose on earth is to love and serve others like Christ did and we aren’t thinking happy things--how can we expect to be that kind of person?

And as a famous song says, "You’ve gotta have a dream if you want a dream to come true!" Many people here and all over the world lack purpose because they have nothing to fight for.  They don’t realize the fight between good and evil continues to wage on.  And if we stand on the wayside, that is where all the flying debris hits.

Have a great week!  I’m excited for Mother's Day (I get to skype with the family) :P

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips


  1. Keep smiling Elder Phillips!!

  2. You're awesome Elder Phillips! You're a bright ray of sunshine down there in the hottest place on earth! I've loved reading about your experiences, and hoping you are getting to use your piano skills to bless the lives of the Chilean people....had to throw that in there --hope you still get a chance to play piano now and then. Manorwood misses you. Keep up the great work Elder P!