Thursday, September 3, 2015

When the Bow Breaks

Hey family and friends,

This week I went to the main city in the mission (Antofagasta) to pick up my new companion--fresh to the mission.  Sitting there in the mission office with all the newbies eating pizza, I couldn't help think back to 10 months ago, straight off the plane from the missionary training center, when I was the one who didn't understand anything.  How time flies.

My new companion is from Argentina and it took me a while to get used to his accent since he talks so differently than the Chileans. In the morning he asked me how to use the toaster since he had only seen them on TV. A different life for sure.

Thinking everything would be great and dandy this week, we went out with my plans for the day--ready to teach the investigators who are getting ready for baptism.  And…rock hard rejection.  The son of our recent convert who was going to get baptized this week told us he made his decision to not meet with us anymore.  Then another lady we were teaching told us she doesn't need anything else in her life and doesn't know why we are serving missions since it’s a "big waste of your time". And to round out the week we ran into a lot of people who were either higher than the clouds on drugs or drunk.

So now I feel like Nephi from the Book of Mormon when he broke his bow and couldn’t obtain food in the wilderness for his starving family--all his best-laid plans disintegrating right before his eyes.

What do we do in life when nothing works out like we want even when we felt inspired to go on the path we are on?  Well, Nephi took his losses, looked at what was around him, and made do with mediocre materials--having faith that it would work out.  So, I'm not as cool as Nephi but we are trying to do what we can haha.  I'll tell you if I get any meat this week :)

My friends the Jehovah’s Witnesses are usually out with us in the morning doing their work.  We were walking to a less active's house when I saw a couple of them coming from the other end of the street.  Oh, I DON'T THINK SO! You are NOT getting to that house first.   So we scurried and made it just in time. Missionary humor.

Sunday was a wonderful highlight, seeing our recent convert blessing the sacrament and the dad of the recent convert family passing it with us.  It was very special seeing him give those sacred emblems to his whole family sitting there strong and united in the gospel.

It’s good to see the fruits (or meat) of your labors :P

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Finally made it to the beach :)

Huge temptation to get in the water, but we followed the rules and didn't :)

Party display!

Beautiful Sister in the ward
Group shot

I need a bigger desk

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