Sunday, November 15, 2015

Climb Every Mountain...Really!

November 9, 2015


This morning at 4 am I climbed a mountain in the middle of a dark, cold desert.  Near the top it got really steep and I kind of freaked since there was nowhere to find a firm footing—the sandy dirt is really loose because there aren’t any plants.  It also didn’t help that my companion was reciting Elder Holland's General Conference talk to me about the two boys hiking who almost died.  But as I followed in the footprints made by those in front of me, it became much easier to find a foothold.  In this stressful situation, my mind made a religious comparison (that’s what happens when you are a missionary haha).  We all must climb the mountain, but we aren’t the first ones to do so.  Jesus came not only to show the way, but to create the necessary footings needed to overcome the sometimes steep cliffs and uncertain terrains of mortal life.  Many try to do it alone and soon find themselves caught in shifting sands or on precarious cliffs.  Life is better with God.

I’ve been here in my area for 6 months and with transfers next week, there’s a good chance I’m leaving, so I’ve been saying goodbye to everyone.  Hope I go now, or it will get very awkward...

It is a little sad because all the people we are working with will be baptized after I leave. However, I did have a nice surprise this week in the other branch—there is a lady who my first week here went to our baptism and we invited her to a family home evening with the branch president. She lived outside of our sector, therefore the other missionaries carried on with her lessons.  And she got baptized this week!!  Sometimes I can get discouraged thinking nothing I do seems to help anyone, but it’s moments like this one that reveal the truth ¨By small and simple thing, great things come to pass¨.

We will see what this next week will bring!

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Climbing that Mountain

Reminds me of the moon

At the Top

So Happy For Her!

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