Sunday, February 21, 2016

Life With A Gringo

February 15, 2016


My new companion is from Brigham City, Elder S., and the first gringo I’ve been with for 8 months so it’s been different. I had actually met him a couple months ago on his first day in the mission in Alto Hospicio when the look on his face was "What am I doing here?" He’s doing great.

Honestly, this week was a little disheartening with people we had been working with saying they had heard enough of our message.  I knew I was boring but not THAT boring haha.  So I’ve been making up a couple questions/comments to help us work with them a little better:

If we don’t need current day prophets, why did God call lots of prophets in the Bible who always taught the same message?

If you believe in Jesus Christ shouldn’t you also believe what the Bible says, since it is the reason we even know who he his?

People should be coming home from their summer vacations soon so that’s a relief.  The ward train has been barely chugging along, when my expectation is more like a speeding silver bullet.  But Heavenly Father is so kind. When he can't give me what I was hoping for he makes up for it.  Walking around after a disappointing day, we stopped to pray to know what we should do in the last hour that remained. I began walking and remembered a guy who someone had told us might be interested in our message.  After knocking on his door, an older gentleman peered through the crack of the door.

What do you want?
Um, someone told us you would be interested in hearing a message from us.
Are you really missionaries or are you lying?
I’m pretty sure we are.
Ok come in, I have 10 minutes.

He appreciated our message and invited us back today.

I rejoice in a Creator who might have me cross on a rope, but who will never leave me hanging for too long. He loves me too much :)

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I did NOTHING romantic and I’m good with that. haha

Me and Elder S. in our apartment

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  1. Handsome twins! I love to read your letters. I am always inspired by your unwavering enthusiasm. From what I can see I think I like this apartment the best of all I have seen. Hugs and love, dear Austin!