Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Final Countdown Begins and Unexpected Transfers

August 1, 2016

Hola a todos!

On Tuesday we had splits with the elders from Tal-Tal, a monthly occurrence. As we returned to our apartment, the owner who lives next door called us over to tell us about an email he had just received that day from the mission office titled “Termination of contract.”
I called the office: "Hey elder, this guy says we don’t have an apartment anymore, is that true?"
"Should we look for a new apartment?"
"No, that will not be necessary....” end of conversation.

(Call from Mission President)
"Hola! So I heard you found out you aren’t living there anymore. Well, it looks like I’ll have to tell you early about your transfer.  You both are going to Tal Tal continuing as zone leaders; we are closing your area and bringing in 2 more sister missionaries. No more elders in ChaƱaral.. Bye!"

 And so that’s how we found out about our transfers…we spent the rest of the week cleaning the apartment, explaining the situation to members and investigators, and crying with the branch president.

Don’t get me wrong, sisters are AWESOME, but here in these small branches without a lot of active priesthood holders they rely on the elders to help with priesthood responsibilities like tithing, leading, giving blessings, etc.  But I trust in the mission president; he is inspired to do what is best.

We also had an unexpected BAPTISM this week in the branch--a grandma who said she would get baptized in January.  We decided to do a baptismal interview with her just to help her see what she was missing. After 30 minutes she came out in tears saying, "I will be baptized. Get it all ready, it’s my time."  This was Thursday, so we got a baptism ready very fast.  Her daughter had been waiting 25 years for this to happen--all were in tears.  Good way to end.  And we will try to come back for the baptism of the fisherman with faith like Peter. :P

Well, here goes the final transfer--a two hour bus ride north.  We will finish strong :P

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

Warming up the water in the font

It was her time :)

Chanaral Friends


Chillin in Chanaral

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