Monday, May 18, 2015

Broken and Prepared Hearts


This week we had interviews with the Mission President, a somewhat rare occurrence since my mission is about the size of California.  This time I came with questions--one of them being, “How can I be happy even when things are so difficult sometimes?"  His answer was simple, but as he said it, it seemed as if the room brightened and I felt warm inside: "When you live your life in such a way that you certainly have the smiling approval of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, how is it possible to be sad? The way to have that satisfaction is to live a consecrated life, where you have no fear to give up whatever might be asked of you."

We’ve been seeing lots of miracles the more I try to not just follow rules and work hard, but also to try to want to do those things (a much harder task).

 As we were walking one day, we talked with a man washing his car, who after 30 seconds told us to come in to talk with him and his wife.  Their 30-year-old son had recently died of cancer and they were looking for answers in their lives.  Their TV in the living room didn’t work so we went into the room where their son died to watch on his TV a short video how Jesus has impacted our life called, "Because of Him".

Standing together watching the words, "The tomb has no victory, we will all live again" was just so powerful.  We passed by later with a member to teach the Plan of Salvation, to tell them that their son is in a place called the spirit world waiting for the resurrection—and that he is being taught the same things we were teaching them now.  The member talked about how they need to fight for their family so one day they can all be together.  The big, tough Chilean man broke down with so many tears that his glasses slipped off his nose.

It was a very tender moment.  I realized many people go through this life not thinking about what happens after we die. Not thinking until something happens to make them question everything. I’m glad to be one who can give real, hopeful answers to their breaking hearts.

Our investigator family had some progress this week.  After much struggle and a change in work schedule meaning we can only visit them twice a month, we finally committed them to read the Book of Mormon and pray.  They were scared to do it, maybe because they already know what their answer will be (that it's the word of God just like the Bible! :P)

My new companion is the bomb and we get along great.  He did mention I sometimes talk to myself....I've heard its a sign of intelligence. But there is a fine line between smart and crazy :)

Have a great week.  I might have to take an Advil after this because this cyber cafe where I send my emails is full of screaming children playing Call of Duty :O

Everything is awesome,
Elder Austin Phillips

Random Chilean Statue 


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