Friday, June 5, 2015

Hello Alto Hospicio!


Well, it was a crazy past two days and the craziness continues.

As we were walking to another appointment last Saturday night, the phone rang: "Call from the mission assistants”.  NOOO!  So, Elder P. is staying in Copiapo and is training a new missionary.  And I am now in the northern part of the mission closer to Peru in a city overlooking another huge city called Iquique, in a place called Alto Hospicio.   I’m also finishing the training of a new missionary, Elder M., from Paraguay. AHHHHHHH.  He’s really cool and excited to be here.

The 17 hour bus ride was definitely a journey--especially since our bus broke down, I got the seat by the stinky bathroom, and the homeless looking guy laying down behind me talked in his sleep, or to himself, I’m not sure...

But I made it!!  And....we don’t have anywhere to live at the moment.  About 3 weeks ago the missionaries’ apartment was robbed, so we are waiting for them to fix the doors and put barbed wire above the wall.  Currently we are living in the small spare room of a member’s house.

Its a little more...interesting here...lots of people wandering the streets and for the first time I have streets in my sector that we aren’t allowed to go on.  This is a real mission haha.

The good news is we have a BAPTISM this Saturday, and I am a little nervous because I am in charge of planning it as the more senior missionary.  Yikes!  And because of the big earthquake here a year ago, 5 branches meet in the same building. We luckily got a 3:30 pm time slot at the church, which is about an hour's walk away from our house.

Life sure takes turns we never expect. But life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react to it.

I’ll try to add more spiritual things next week but my head is spinning at the moment so...I’ll leave you with this:  The church is true.

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

Nothing I can add to this :)
I will miss this guy--he helped us a lot in Copiapo

Alto Hospicio is above, Uquique is below

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