Sunday, July 19, 2015

Here For A While Longer--To Baptize!


No transfers this week for me or Elder M., which is good because we are actually finding new people to teach here in Alto Hospicio!

Our red-haired wonder girl got baptized on Saturday and I had the opportunity to confirm the gift of the Holy Ghost on her at church on Sunday. It’s a little more difficult in Spanish :)  Organizing baptisms are somewhat stressful for me—you never know what will happen.  This time there was a birthday party going on in the back, and we had some missing leaders.  But it is all good--I am so happy for her.

I also had wonderful surprise last week when my old companion in Copiapo sent me a picture of the baptism of the girl we found whose mom was praying for the way to find the church when we showed up on her doorstep.  So technically I had two baptisms this week!

Epic fail on my part this Sunday. Another elder had a baptismal interview for someone and they brought some friends so we talked to them and invited them to church. They actually said yes...but they heard me said 6:30 instead of 3:30.  So they came at 6:30 when no one was there. Ugh!!!!  Finally people come to church but at the wrong time.  Cursed Spanish gringo accent.

To make up for my embarrassments the Lord is kind and gives me cool experiences like on Sunday night when a sister asked us to have a family home evening in her house with her less active family and her son’s non member girlfriend.  I felt prompted to ask the family about the goals they have for their lives. The sister who has been active all of her life said she would love to be sealed to her husband in the temple but didn't see it happening.  Her husband was last, and with tears in his eyes he said that his goal was to also be sealed to his wife.  The room was silent and powerful.

With lots of walking in our very large area we always have time to think about life. We believe that we lived before this life with God and all of our heavenly brothers and sisters.  In that case, it must be true that I have friends scattered throughout time who are all fighting for the same heavenly cause.  Cool!

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

A Reason to Gather and Rejoice!

A Happy Day!

Family and Friends

An Awesome Surprise

Missionaries can have fun too

There is an ocean over the horizon

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