Saturday, July 11, 2015

Surprise Situations and Viva Chile!

Hola muchachos,

Not a super typical week here in Alto Hospicio--I quote this saying from my Grandpa a lot on my mission, "a change is a good as a rest".

We changed to another chapel an hour walk away from our apartment where 5 branches will be meeting.  Good thing some members have cars!  And for all of you missionaries who have are lucky.

The great news is we have a BAPTISM set up for Saturday--a 16 year old girl with fire red hair who’s mom is coming back to church. I dozed off a little in sacrament meeting on Sunday (I didn't get a lot of sleep due to the soccer game and after game celebrations) and woke up to her walking to the pulpit to bear her testimony about the things we have been teaching her.  Super cool!!!!  Now—if we can just convert the dad... :)

Speaking of bearing testimonies, we had scheduled a family home evening with a less active member. When we arrived, all of her family and two of her very religious friends were there at the house.  I had a thought to talk about the Book of Mormon. In the midst of my lesson, I was cut off by her friend, who scolded me for teaching them that we have the restored church with the proper authority from God and the complete restored truth of the gospel.  He said I couldn’t possibly know from God that I was right.

How could a scrawny 19-year-old white boy with a gringo accent find his way through this situation with 12 sets of eyes all piercing deep into his soul?  I thought of the prophet Brigham Young’s conversion experience--when a poor humble man of little education bore a simple testimony of what he knew and felt, and the spirit bore witness of the truthfulness of what he was saying to Brigham Young--changing this future prophet’s life forever.  Testify. That’s we need to do. "Sir, I know I’m 19 and have little experience. But when I put on this name badge I made a promise to God to defend the truth he has given me. So yes, Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ. He restored His church and I can’t deny it because I know from the Holy Ghost. I’m not here to offend, I’m here to testify."  He congratulated us for our efforts and gave us a hug as we left.

For 4th of July, we got permission to watch the final of the Copa America: Chile vs. Argentina. It was a nail bitter game but we won with a penalty shot.  You would have thought the world exploded—so fun. We had to ask our branch president to take us home in his truck or we would have surely died on our way in the crazy festivities.  The partying didn’t cease until 6 am.  Go America! Viva Chile!! TAKE THAT KELSEY SPENCER HAHAHAHA  (Kelsey is my cousin and she is serving a mission in Argentina—just a little friendly cousin teasing)

Today was a fun surprise as well. We got a call from the other elders in our area that I was needed to help the local school with English.  It turned out they needed some English speakers to be honored judges for the school English spelling bee--with a fancy seat, sparkling water, a tour of the school, and a meeting with the principal. I was bombarded by kids wanting selfies, and asking my name. I’m famous!! lol

We never know what each day might bring. So we better prepare carefully. :P

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

Here is a description of the night Chile won the Copa America from another missionary serving in Elder Phillips’ mission:

"July 4th--This was a big day because first, it was the fourth of July and second, it was the finals of "La Copa America". Which is like the world cup but instead of all the world being invited, it's just the Americas (minus the USA this time). And for the first time since 1987 (I think) Chile made it to the finals. They played against Argentina and for the first time ever, Chile won the tournament…oh my goodness. There is no event in American culture that equals or even attempts to reach this level of excitement. Not a single one. Chile was on fire Saturday. I swear it measured on the Richter scale when Alexis scored that last goal. You gringos can't even imagine. I'm not Chilean and I went nuts."

Judging the Spelling Bee--cute kids

Night time in Alto Hospicio

A good meal

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