Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's a Miracle--A Family!


On the subject of miracles, we had two major ones this week.  Talked with a guy on the street and had a lesson with him and his wife.  Elder Holland once mentioned that we would shake the world with our message of the restoration.  I've given this lesson a lot, the one about Joseph Smith, but this time was different.

"So, if we have always had prophets and then the world fell into apostasy, what needs to happen?"
"God needs to call a new prophet--so, why hasn't he done that yet?"
"He has!"

We sure shook their world, and it felt great.  They looked so happy.

The other huge miracle: We are going to have three baptisms next Saturday, the dad and the two siblings of our recent convert.  How did that happen?

In our lesson on Tuesday, the whole family was out of sorts and the dad said that he wasn't sure what he wanted anymore.  I told him to pray and keep reading.  We passed by on Friday to go over the baptismal questions.

"Do you believe that the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith?”
“Yes. I've read the Book of Mormon and I feel it when you guys talk."

He told us he is ready for this Saturday with his two kids.  He broke down thinking about his younger brother who died many years ago.  In that moment, I strongly felt to tell him that his brother will be there at his baptism to guide him and his family to the temple. They are planning to leave in a year from now to be sealed. It was very powerful.

Most of my mission, I've looked at other missionaries saying, I love the mission!  I'm so happy!" Sometimes for me it’s hard to say that, but this week I feel full of something.  I've had a front seat to witnessing the blessings of the Atonement of Christ--watching Him heal and change the heart of a closed, sad man who for many years was angry with God.  The dad now smiles and I see something different in his eyes…hope. And it fills my eyes with tears.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Ward Noah's Ark Activity
Noah's Ark--food!
There is a kind of creepy doctor in the house!
Made this lunch myself :)

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