Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Driest Place on Earth--Yeah, Right!


A few weeks ago South America had a special fast to overcome the deadly drought affecting the crops.  Well, we had a big storm and there is flooding and other rain related events. Nothing like my last experience with Chilean floods, but the power cut out for a while and there were some mudslides. Fasting works!

In the morning we walked through a thick damp fog watching hooded figures dance in and out of our limited vision.  I felt like Harry Potter in his dreamlike memories in the pensive, passing through a world we might have once known. (Poetic, huh?)

This damp sprinkle scared away from church about half of our branch so I was left to pick and lead the hymns, pass the sacrament, and preside at the meeting. Ok, kidding on the last one.  For some reason all of the priesthood left to go visit people during our 3rd hour class—maybe they were worried about the rain and flooding. We took the chance to teach a lesson to the dad of our investigator family about tithing. My heart was cringing the whole time knowing that they struggle with financial problems, but he took it rather well.

Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions; I asked him if he was just doing this to please his wife or was he doing this for himself. He looked me straight in the eye and said, “If I was just doing this for them, I would already be swimming in that font. I want to feel this."

As a missionary, occasionally all of our plans fall apart so we will land where God needs us to be.  Saturday was one of those days. After cancelled appointments and other frustrations cleared our schedule, we went to see how our investigating family was doing.  The dad was in the bathroom, so we talked with the mom who is a member. She began to cry, saying how this has been the hardest month of her life even though she’s been doing everything God wants her to do.  I shared with her Joseph Smith’s experience in Liberty jail. It was a very difficult time for him, and what helped give him peace and comfort was turning to God in his extremities.  She thanked us for the much needed visit.

In our planner that night, we had to put a zero on number of lessons we had, but when we do what God needs us to do, isn't that more important?

In other news, our other baptismal dates have been moved back due to legal problems with divorce papers.  And we have a new date in October for a young couple who just moved here!

Everything is awesomely unpredictable,

Elder Phillips

Rain--it's a miracle!

Wet clothes from the rain hanging on the line

Look mom--my room is clean!

The Feria--an open market

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