Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Visit to Jurassic Park

Hola one and all,

Today for PDay we took a bus ride to a lovely little oasis town in the dry dry desert.  There we found a less exciting but altogether strange Jurassic Park on the side of the road.  The best part was that there weren’t any dogs in the streets! That is a huge miracle.

A little rough this week.  We have lots of great people to work with, but had major coordinating problems.  Like when we brought the district president and his wife to a lesson that we had called 2 hours before to absolutely make sure they were home (they said yes).  Everything was set and my excitement was great until we came to the door and they called us saying they had to leave. No! It’s so challenging to get the 4 different groups together--us, the investigators, the members, and the Spirit.

Speaking of teaching with the Spirit, an elder made an interesting observation the other day, "I don’t always know when I have the Spirit, but I sure know when I don’t.”

I think I have the Spirit in the lessons because the people are very focused on me when I talk, but my companion told me it was because my eyes are so piercing that people can’t help but look.  Cool, I thought--it's my piercing blue eyes looking into their soul!  No, he said, they’re not stunning; it’s more like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.  Guess I need some eye surgery...haha

We got some people to church--a new couple we are working with and a guy who promised us to get married this month.  Church is so stressful for missionaries because we are worried the whole time about the investigators coming and having good experiences.  But somehow even though there were some disruptions during Sacrament meeting (the normal ones that happen with families/children in the congregation), the couple was able to feel a type of peace they hadn’t felt before.  That’s what happens when we step into God’s house.

Elder Cook is coming to our mission in November!!!!  We are all getting everything "shipshape and Bristol fashion" for his visit.

Lots of people who I have worked with moved to other areas and are getting baptized.  It has been rewarding being a small part of their process to salvation.

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

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