Sunday, November 15, 2015

Truth Seekers: Adventures for Eternity

October 26, 2015

Hola friends and amigos,

This week was quite an adventure.  I think it would be important to note that my companion and I and all other missionaries have been officially condemned.  Why do I say that?  The other day while trying to talk with a lady in her store another lady came in, saw our name tags and began talking about how we shouldn’t worship on Sunday because it’s not the real Sabbath day.

"Well, ma’am, we believe that the Sabbath was changed to Sunday by Christ's apostles in remembrance of his glorious resurrection," we explained.

"One day Christ will come and say to, hmm…let's see, Elder Phillips and Elder C., that you are damned because you didn’t do what the Bible said!!!"

Situations like this (which happen often) always lead me to one thought: We must be seekers of truth.

 Truth is the reality of things how they were, are, and will be.  We can’t change truth but we can discover it. If truth exists, God exists--since he is the author of truth.  If God exists, he wants us to know these truths.  The LDS church was founded by truth seekers.  Joseph Smith could have settled with not understanding everything, but his soul begged for something more.  Most of the people I talk to sit on the questions of their soul their whole life saying "who knows?" and then go on living a mediocre existence.  "There's more! You just need to look for it!" I plead.

That has probably been the most exciting part of my mission, finding precious truths and sharing them.  The fact that God isn’t just a distant energy floating in space but is a literal glorified being who created us before this world puts everything in my mind in order.  That I can progress in this life and the next to be like my Father in heaven gives me purpose and direction.  And there are so many other truths still left to explore.

We have a baptismal date for an awesome couple we are working with--the 14th. They have come to church 2 times and like it.  All the credit is due to members who are picking them up for church and coming to lessons with us.  Go members!  Be more like them in your wards haha.

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

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