Sunday, December 20, 2015

The World's Highest Lake

December 7, 2015


Not much time to write since we went a cool long trip today!

Week 3 in the cleanest city in my mission.  I finally figured out why it is so clean--no one walks on the streets!  They all hide behind their cement walls to avoid us.  They think they are so clever but we will see who wins!!

We did find one guy who met with missionaries before with his wife and wants to hear again, this time more seriously to fill the spiritual gap that remains empty in his heart.

We woke up at 4 AM for an adventure to the world’s tallest lake, El Lago Chungara.  I was fine until we arrived at the summit where it felt like air no longer existed.  My companion was worse off.  But we played with llamas, flamingos, and carsick elders!

Some other exciting news is that my two investigators in my other sector got baptized!  Sad that I couldn’t be there, but in the end that’s missionary work-it's never ever about me, it's about other people, which in turn ends up helping me feel blessed. Ah, its confusing haha.

Have a wonderful week.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

A Little Green Looking Below

High On A Mountain Top

Picture Perfect

Cute Llamas

Elder S's Selfie

Happy Llamas

Fun Times

Great Day!

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