Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Savior Is Born

December 14, 2015

Hola Familia y amigos,

I can see the future--I will be sick within 2 days tops.  How do I know? Because my companion is sick and when you live with someone 24/7 there is no escaping it no matter how many times I cover the apartment in antibacterial spray :)

This Christmas season we are sharing a message called "A Savior is Born" with cute little cards and a powerful video (  But it has been a little difficult since the majority of the people in the streets practice a religion that denies the idea of celebrating Christmas, or they don’t believe in Christmas...However, that didn’t stop us from putting on our Christmas hats and declaring what Christmas really is about. It is amazing what the hat can do with the hearts of people.  Now my companion wants to wear it all the time haha

Unfortunately our only investigator sent his wife to the door to tell us he wasn’t home when we went to see him.  We did perform some service this week—for instance, there was a blind man lost on the sidewalk. We guided him to the "green building" he was searching for...which turned out to be his favorite bar.  You can either laugh or cry.

Since I had more time this week to study while waiting for my companion to feel better, I decided to do some light reading by venturing into a 800 page book entitled "Jesus the Christ" to better understand the man I testify about.

We forget that for almost all of his life Jesus was much like us. Working, learning, doing chores, exploring the world--and as he grew older the depth of his purpose was slowing revealed to him.  He didn’t just wake up one day ready to save mankind, he had to be prepared.  It gives me hope in my life that even though I can’t testify or do everything at perfect level now, what is important is being prepared for those things. That’s the whole reason we are here, right? Preparation for something greater. Oh how I love learning about Jesus!

Well, enjoy the snow or cold wherever you are! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas (as much as it can in the summertime lol.)

Feliz Navidad and Everything is Awesome,

Elder Phillips

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