Thursday, December 24, 2015

Feliz Navidad!


I can't believe it is my second and last Christmas on the mission--and it's been very special so far.

It’s a Christmas miracle! --I didn’t get sick from my companion!  That’s the work of a true germaphobe haha.

On Saturday we went to a giant market place to take free Christmas pictures with a humble nativity scene I assembled from scrap paper and cardboard boxes lying around the apartment.  We had people write on a paper what Christ meant in their life and we will deliver their treasured pictures this week to their houses!

It’s been interesting hearing people’s responses to the question: "Why was Jesus Christ born?"  Most say, "He died for me!" yeah, so what does that mean, I ask. "Ummmm...he died for me."

How glad I am for an understanding of my beliefs.  Almost all of our questions can be answered with the wonderful plan of salvation God carefully designed for us.  I lived with a Heavenly Father who made my spirit, an earth was made, I was provided a body to grow and be tested here for a short time, and in my life I would make mistakes due to my fallen state.  A Savior was lovingly provided to break the bands of death and sin so that one day I can live with my family and Him forever.

Christmas for me is a renewing of my faith in God, my faith in humanity, and a renewing of faith in myself.  God already gave me the best gift and now I must show my gratitude for his sacrifice.

More than ever the reality of Jesus Christ and his divine mission has been implanted on my heart.  I am eternally grateful.

Feliz Navidad.  I am thrilled you all are a part of my life.

Everything is merrily awesome,

Elder Phillips

My humble nativity
The missionaries were angels at the ward Christmas party

My companion and I

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