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Christmas Magic and Miracles

December 28, 2015


It was a hot magical week here in the world’s driest desert.  It’s SNOWING! Oh, no it was just the flock of pigeons flying overhead leaving their Christmas jollies :)  Did I mention there are lots of pigeons here? haha

This week we went to a hospital to sing Christmas carols to the patients and lift their hearts.  The hospital during Christmas is a clash between sterile white and bursts of colorful rejoicing brought in by small nativity scenes and mini blinking trees.  Some of the people were initially bothered by the joyful disturbance. but after a song or two they were singing along.  I’m pretty sure we were in the newspaper :P

My companion and I are staying here in the area for another transfer and two new sisters are arriving today.

On Christmas day we had a wonderful surprise.  A young man had given his friend a Book of Mormon with our number on it of which he read a couple chapters and wanted to learn more.  Christmas day we received his phone call with shouts of joy drowning out my end of the line. and once it was again calm, we arranged an appointment in the chapel.  He is 18 and super awesome with lots of biblical knowledge.  He loves our doctrine because "we have answers to everything”. Well, that’s what happens in the true Church of Jesus Christ!

He then came to church on Sunday, met some other youth and is going to institute this week.  The bad thing is he is going on vacation for a month but whateves.  It was truly a tender Christmas miracle to an undeserving missionary.

The Christmas call home was great.  It gets easier every time, especially since I realize how fast time flies.

I wish you a wonderful New Years.  My year of being a missionary, 2015, has come to an end.  Well, nothing is forever...except for this gospel and my family. And how grateful I am.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Singing at the Hospital

Missionary Ornament!

Singing at the hospital

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