Saturday, January 9, 2016

Ringing in the New Year--2016

January 4, 2016

Hola from down below (unless you’re my friend Grant--Elder Klingler, who is reading this from the bottom of the world haha),

On New Year’s Eve watching from the fourth floor bathroom window, I saw a chaotic world of illegal Peruvian fireworks shattering the crystal night, the sparks shimmering down to piles of old furniture burning on the street, supposedly a ritual to cleanse the old year of its bad memories.  I think it’s just a great excuse for pyromaniacs to make more space in their houses haha.

So a year has come and gone.  According to the latest general conference report, baptisms in Chile have been increasing, and I’m hoping for a lot more these next 9 months.  A good year best fitted with a quote from some lovable Biblical vegetables (Veggie Tales), "I laughed, I cried, it moved me, Bob."

Our unexpected investigator, an 18-year-old young man came to church again this week and went to Institute (a young adult church group).  During our lesson with him in the church he asked, "Since I could remember, I’ve had a mental picture in the back of my mind. Could you explain it?  I’m standing in rows of people dressed in white with three people in front of us. The one in the middle is sitting down with the other two standing, explaining something to us."

“Ummm, that would be the great council in heaven before we came to this earth, with Jesus and Satan both offering to be our Savior.  Jesus was willing to fulfill Heavenly Father’s plan, and Satan presented his alternative plan, which was contrary to Heavenly Father’s plan.”

Amazing moment.

“Oh. Wow”, he said.  "And one more thing, can we walk in the sacrament room again. It’s just so peaceful."

So it broke my heart when he told us he’s leaving for a month on vacation...but he is going to read the whole book of Mormon while he is gone. A tender mercy for this missionary.

Well, good luck with your New Year goals. We still have a couple of good days before we forget about them and go back to our normal life. :)

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Feliz Navidad 2015!

Cool Watermelon

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