Saturday, February 6, 2016

I Believe In God…Well, When I Need Something

January 11, 2016

On a recent morning, two elders came to pick up their new cell phone so I talked with the brand new elder who just arrived this past week. "I survived my first week!” he exclaimed, "Just have to do this until 2018!" That seems like a long way for me.  I bet the other missionaries thought the same thing when I told them, "I’m leaving in 2016." haha.

Not such an eventful week but we did find another young man on the street whose mom turned out to be a less active member.  And they both came to church!  Being a missionary at church is stressful because you begin to see everything through the eyes of the investigator, and we see lots of different things that they don’t understand.  There's always a lot of explaining to do after church ends haha.

Everyone here seems to be enjoying his or her vacations at the beach.  Wish I could say the same ☺ but we keep pushing forward.

Talking to so many different people, it always amazes me that most say the same worn out phrase, “I don’t need a religion to have my belief in God", as if their faith is some kind of inner secret that needs no shape or form, unrecognizable even to themselves.  Well, I’m not only happy but also proud to call myself a Latter Day Saint since this divinely organized church and the doctrine it protects is the only thing that holds my faith together on a daily basis.  Its a theme I think I’ve mentioned before, but in the atmosphere I live in as a missionary it becomes ever more prominent.

Most people hate January for the cold, school, and lack of holiday spirit. I for one look forward to turning 20 soon.  :) Farewell teenage days.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

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