Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Hot Day In The Vineyard

February 29, 2016


Well, I wish I could say this week went better, but that wouldn’t be all that honest.  A lot of our investigators came home from their vacations and must have had a little too much fun, because they told us they don’t want to listen to us anymore.

It can hurt hearing that from people you know have felt something and have even told you that they feel the gospel is true, and then reject it.  But listening to lots of different convert’s stories, very few accepted the restored gospel at first glance, which gives me hope.  The Lord is mindful of them.

We were able to watch a conference via satellite from Elder Bednar, one of our apostles, who surprised me with his wittiness and his ability to connect with us despite being of the older generation.  He mentioned how we shouldn’t be waiting on an angel to come visit us and tell us what to do. "Think of the people who had angel visitations--Lamen and Lemuel, Saul, Alma the younger. They were messed up! It speaks well of you not to have those experiences, you don’t need them" haha.

I love the gospel because it makes everything click in my head. I’ve spent time thinking about how I would answer my life questions without this knowledge of God’s plan for us, and it leaves me with a giant disconnect in my heart and mind. I really just do believe all of this!  Maybe it is that knowledge that intensifies my heartache when people reject God in their lives.

Thankfully we are having success working with the members of the ward—there is always a silver lining and good things just around the river bend.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips


  1. Hi Elder Phillips.. congratulations on being able to serve the Lord in that part of the world.

    I was in Melbourne Australia when your Dad was serving his mission there .. and he used to come with his companion to our house for dinner.. or lunch.. or just to say "hi".. but he was a great example to me.. and l have always appreciated his friendship and example in my life at that time, as an 18 yr old girl.

    I having served in the NZ Auckland mission a long time ago know of some of the struggles Missionaries face, when trying to find and teach .. The Gospel is true.. we know it.. we want the Saviour to be a part of everyone's lives and we wish for everyone to know of their worth as children of God.. and to know of His plan for us.

    We have two sons returning home from serving in the Philippines on Friday.. they have served their two years to the best of their ability ..and have had some awesome experiences and have met some wonderful people.

    I would like to let you know that our Father in Heaven is aware of you and your companion and will bless you as you continue serve him .. he will bless you for all your efforts.. continue to know that he loves you and that he will always care for your family whilst you're serving Him.

    lots of love from South Australia.. Kelly Raven Bloy

  2. Hola Kelly!

    Wow how great is it to hear that about my dad. I really love both my parents so much for helpingme get on a mission andalways supporting me. Missions I think are very challenging but oh so worth it. :) Im excited for your two sons to get home. I will be making that same journey in 6 months from now. So i still have a lot of people to help before that day comes :)

    Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and testimony. May god bless your family in all that you do.

    Everything is awesome,
    Elder Phillips