Sunday, April 17, 2016

Surprises From Areas Past

April 11, 2016

Hola familia y amigos!

It seems like whenever I move to a new area the germs take advantage of my weakened state and ATTACK. In other words, I got the flu this last week.  But I am thankfully feeling better.

In the small branch of 40 people we have almost 30 who are over 60 years old. We brought a less active boy to church and he was the only youth there!  So we’ve been thinking of ways to bring the young blood back to church.  We have a couple of ideas for activities: a fall carnival party in May, and game nights playing minute to win it and jeopardy (if you don’t know the answer you have to dance.) I would totally go back to church with that kind of line up! :P

We teach lots of lessons here, but usually after just one lesson they disappear or don’t open the door.  I asked my companion if something was wrong with my face or if I smelled bad.  Lol He said it is a cultural thing to be polite or nice when they aren’t truly interested.  So they reject us in a nice way.

On Wednesday we had interviews--which means the other elders in the little towns 2 hours away come on a bus to meet with us.  I talked with an elder who happened to be in my sector in Copiapo a year ago.  Asking him about the area, he told me about a baptism they had.  I didn’t recognize the name but as he began to describe the family’s house my mind went back to a hot sunny afternoon a year ago with Elder P. when we were out contacting less active members.  We knocked on a door and a woman opened the door and told us to come in.  We realized there wasn’t a man in the house so we had to leave (missionary rule), but as we left we talked briefly with her daughter who came down the stairs, invited her to church and left. I left the area the next week.  That daughter was the lady this elder was telling me about!  He showed me a picture of her at her baptism smiling from ear to ear.

"You never know the impact your mission can have on people", said our mission president. How true that is!

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

Photos:  Pday lunch (completos) and a visit to a neighborhood zoo, etc.

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  1. My dear Elder Phillips, How I love your letters. It seems you always touch on something that concerns me at the moment. I know how much the people there must love you.
    Always that beautiful smile. Your dear mother came to see me Thursday evening. It was great to visit with her. She is such a busy lady that we mostly talk on the phone so I always treasure The times we can just sit and visit. She also brought a Costco chicken which is one of my favorite foods! I'm not sure what a completo is but it looks like a hot dog, smothered. You may have told us in earlier letters but my old head is not remembering things the way it used to and I don't remember. You are looking really great! More like your handsome dad every day. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day..big hugs and love to you!