Sunday, April 3, 2016

Transfer Musings...A Time To Reflect

Hola a todos,

This week our ward had a baptism of a 15-year-old girl, a friend of a member family.  The young womens leader spoke about how every week the young women would pray for new girls to find the church to help them grow and how she was an answer to their prayers.  It helps when the ward is united in this great cause to help other people.

Drumroll please…..I’m getting transferred to Chañaral!  if you remember a year ago there was a huge flood here in northern Chile, and Chañaral was the city that was hit the hardest.  I hope they’ve been able to fix it up but I do know that they have no large supermarkets and I will also be traveling to some of the smallest branches (a small congregation) in the mission (like 12 people) for exchanges with other missionaries.  So today I went to the Chilean equivalent of Wal-Mart to buy peanut butter, ranch--anything that will be difficult to find down there. Gringo power!!!

My companion is staying here in Arica and he is going to train a newbie (which he is very nervous about).  We have some good people who are very close to making the covenant of baptism.

It’s hard saying goodbye to the people you put in your planner each day to visit, knowing that you will probably never see them again in this life.  It’s also hard to leave this area without having a baptism, but I don’t underestimate the power of growing seeds.  Some people just take longer to blossom.

As I shared my last testimony with the ward, my mind reflected on two themes of my mission experience beyond bringing others to Christ:  First, that the time during a mission isn’t a perfecting stage of your life but it is a great time to see what weaknesses you need to work on the rest of your life; and two, it is an opportunity to experience the stark reality of everything we teach in this gospel. The restored gospel is not just some idea for me anymore but an assuring reality.

Well, wish me luck in what some call the ugliest area of the mission!   Pero, sabe que? Es donde los milagros pasan. :P  (Translation:  But you know what?  It is where miracles happen ☺)

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

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