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March 21, 2016

Hola personas que quizás entienden Castellano (o no),

This week has been refreshing in the sense that people are opening their hearts. This sector has been very dry with the amount of covenants God’s children have been willing to make with him, but we learned a powerful lesson this week from our mission president’s wife.

Sister Dalton is a convert to the LDS faith, who at 14 years of age had been attending church for 2 years. The missionaries found out she wasn’t a member, and within a week she had all the lessons and was baptized.  A successful story from my perspective, but as she shared the story with us no grin crossed her face.

"I am so grateful for the missionaries who taught me, but they never asked me if my family would have been interested to hear as well. I didn’t think about it either, I was an investigator!  38 years have passed and I’m the only member in my family. I think back to my baptism and during that time my sister had been in a search for a church, but I don’t think I even invited her to my baptism!" she exclaimed with tears rolling down her face.

"92% of children who are baptized without their parents never make it to the temple. I’m the exception, but none of my family are members. You missionaries need to work with the whole family, not just the one. At least try or your convert will spend their whole life dwelling on the lost opportunity...just like I do."

Her words made a big impact on us, so we looked at all of the people we are teaching and made goals to know everyone in the family and the results have been great.

Our investigator was having lots of difficulties with the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, so much that there wasn’t anything we could do.  But this week he called us to have a lesson, and accepted baptism.  This work is real--I don’t do it, God changes people. There is no way I have the capacity to change their hearts.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

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