Monday, May 30, 2016

La Palabra "The Word"

May 23, 2016

Won’t butter things up. This week was a little slow.  But it happens.

What happened is that the three families that went to church were doing great...until we started teaching them the gospel.  From my experience, people here in Latin America like to talk about "la palabra" (the word).

The progression of thought usually goes something like this:

"God is our loving Heavenly Father" Yeah, that’s all good.

Yep, families, the bible, God’s plan for me.

God talking with a boy...golden plates. Ok, well everyone thinks differently.

God wants me to DO STUFF. Like GET BAPTISED.  NO COFFEE.  Wait a minute. I thought God was love--not rules!  No no, I'll believe in my own way, I'm good with my God.

People are TERRIFIED by the word "commitment."  But they fail to see the word "blessings" right behind it.  It deeply saddens me how the world misses that part.  I testify of a God who requires everything of us because he wants to give us everything.  I asked God about a year ago in my small room if it really was necessary to do everything this church requires to be saved and God gave me a strong spiritual experience.  Everyone can receive that witness if they ask.  And when we get our answer, we need to do it.

On a lighter note, we were knocking on a door for two weeks--a reference, but no answer.  Last night we were walking on another street and knocked on a door. The lady let us in to show us her rather large house, and let us out the back door. "The back door goes out to the other street", she said. Opening the back door my comp and I looked at each other and realized we were in the house we were trying to contact for 2 weeks!  We had just entered from the other side!  It was quite funny.

Have a wonderful week, because it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it feels like Christmas here. It's getting colder and they still haven’t taken down the Christmas lights in town square from last Christmas....

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

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