Monday, May 30, 2016

Talk Less, Love More

Hola peeps,

I’m glad to say that this week gave me more hope in humanity, even if we didn’t get them out to church.

The dad of the boy who was going to get baptized--who told us not to come back anymore last week, talked to us on the street outside his house like nothing had happened and invited us in.  We talked with the boy--more as friends than robots trying to convert him, and after 30 minutes with some food and listening, the gospel naturally slipped out and he agreed to keep listening to us.

It was a confirmation to my prayer during the week "What can I do to help these people?"  Answer: "Talk less, love more” Loving and caring speaks louder than all the reasoning and doctrine I can shove into 45-minute lessons.

Some conversations we have sure are interesting. For example:

Lady: “God doesn't punish!  The Bible says that God is love and love can't       punish."
Us:  "Have you read the Bible, particularly the Old Testament?  God destroys the wicked quite often and he loves them."

Sometimes people’s beliefs can lead them to different conclusions:

Man: "I don’t believe there is a God.  I die and there is no life after.  My soul will leave my body and disintegrate."
Us: "Wait, you believe you have a soul? Well if God doesn’t exist, who created that soul?  That's who God is--the father of our souls!!"
Man: "Ummm...well. Hummm. Yeah, I’ll read the pamphlet."

I love how God gives us powerful words to defend his gospel plan in the second we need them.

It’s like your brain going to a different level.  It is truth.

Have a wonderful week!

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

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