Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Last Call Home

May 9, 2016


Can’t believe it but the next time missionary families are talking to their beloved missionaries via Skype, I will be snug in my house enjoying hot chocolate and Netflix.  But I still have a lot to do before then, so stop making me trunkie ☺ It is always wonderful talking to the family especially about the shadowed fate of our lovely country.  Maybe I should just stay in my missionary bubble forever.

We had a baptism this week; well the sisters did, of a 16-year-old young man who used to be in a bible study group to find the truth. Who would have known that he would find it through the Book of Mormon? (I did).  Our mission president was passing by this weekend so he asked if he could perform the baptismal ordinance for this young man, which he did.  After the baptism, Pres. Dalton stood--attempting to speak, but he was held back by tears.  "Being here watching this young man be baptized and sitting in his house yesterday I had the strongest feelings that he was chosen before this life to complete an important destiny here on earth, and I just had the honor of starting him on this path.” Turning to the young man he said, “You have something very important planned for you in the future of this church.”  The feeling in the room was powerful.  His dad, who still is searching for his testimony, said afterwards that this was a critical moment for him.  And due to certain circumstances, we now get to work with his dad.  I’m very excited!

Sunday was the last day of the mission for my Chilean companion, Elder S., who received a heavenly reward when eight investigators came to attend our small branch of 40 people!  That’s never happened to me before on my mission and it gives me hope for this new transfer as I work with my new Utah companion Elder A.

Sorry to say but I got dear bestied this week.  It’s like a dear john letter, but from your best friend.  Congrats Bridget on getting married soon! It freaks me out that the person I used to make dumb home videos with and jump on her trampoline will soon have a SPOUSE haha   I wish I could be there for these important events, but the lord's vineyard still has lots of fruit to harvest.

And as it was Mother’s Day yesterday, I would like to declare to the world that my mom is wickedly awesome.  Maybe she doesn’t think she is, as all moms feel that they fall short of their sacred calling, but I must have done something right in the past life to be so incredibly blessed to be taught at the knees of a woman of such faith, character, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and Christ-like love.

Thanks mom.  Thanks grandmas.  Don’t worry dad, your day comes soon.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Great to see old friends at meetings!

Baptism Day! 

Goodbye Elder S.!
Bus time for Elder S.! 
An empty beach

Me and the empty beach

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