Sunday, May 8, 2016

Surprise Callings

May 2, 2016


Things are going well as we get closer to the end of the transfer and I have to kick my companion into the real world.  He is having an inner struggle, but the home side seems to be winning haha.

I have been flea free for a while now. But my companion had some yesterday on his clothes and they went straight for me. They always come for me!!! In the night I could feel bites but I thought it was a bad dream... It’s been an itchy mission but as long as I don’t have to eat cow stomach or chicken feet I’m all good :)

A less active family (or future actives as we like to call them) expressed their gratitude for our visits.  The mom said she had been bitter at the world for many years but as we have taught about the plan of salvation they have a different view of the world, a new hope.  This gospel really reaches and blesses all people in any circumstance, how could it not be divine?  It always testifies to me that this message is beyond me, I can’t change these people but the spirit and the gospel can and does.  God's plan taking action.

In other news, I’m the branch’s new secretary!  One thing I do is help count the tithing.  It seemed to lessen the stress on our poor branch president to have some extra help.  And I get to learn more about how great the church is!  Just so you all know, tithing is a very secure and trusted process.  Nobody messes with God's money!!

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Happy Mother's Day Skype--last one!
Very effective fly catcher

Getting there
Almost there
Pday Hike

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