Sunday, May 1, 2016

Relight the Torch

April 25, 2016

Hola familia! y amigos y futura

Chañaral has a dangerous bug that eats gringos alive.  I happen to be a gringo so this bug ate me again this week.  In other words I got the 24 hour flu AGAIN haha.  But I feel much better, hence the 24-hour part.

We had lots of hopes this week with our English classes since 16 showed up the last week. We went to the market with posters to tell people about them, and people also came up asking us about what time we were having them.  But we forgot to account for the fact that the people here have an immense fear of the cold and rain and an hour before the classes   "the clouds came in and the floods (aka: 5 drops of water) came up and the chapel on the hill stayed empty" So, only three came.

The same process repeated on Sunday with the same results at church :(

We were able to have a wonderful lesson with the family who came to church last week—along with a ward member and a boy who will be baptized in two weeks.  Since it was a crucial lesson I wanted to bear witness of what I was teaching with power, so that morning I prayed to have a spiritual experience to reaffirm my testimony. In the room where I was praying was a church history book that I opened right to the first vision description. Reading the words I felt a light enter my heart, the same that does every time.  In the lesson I was able to tell them that I had reaffirmed that day that I do know that Joseph Smith is the prophet of the restoration and that we must be baptized by God’s authority. The young man committed to baptism and the parents...not quite yet but we are getting there.

This experience helped me recognize that God never tires of us searching for spiritual manifestations to confirm fresh in our hearts the truths we know to be true.  And it is so much more powerful.

Everything is awesome (and cooling down),

Elder Phillips

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