Monday, June 13, 2016

Old Habits Die Hard


This week was very busy, not in the good missionary teaching sense but in running around, doing conferences, trying to pull together a talent show, doing splits with the other missionaries all the while fighting against food poisoning.

"Elder, do you think this pizza I made a week ago is still good?"
"Yeah!  How could it have possibly have gone bad?"

It was bad.

We had a wonderful talent show with about 50 people (a big success for a small branch) with acts from people who weren’t even members!  They put me in charge of opening and closing the curtain, which only broke a couple times...

The biggest thing we been fighting against is the new schedule change.  Aligning to the hours most Chileans keep, for a year and a half I have woken up at 7:30 and gone to bed at 11:30.  However, because of the darkness creeping in at around 7 pm, the mission has decided to push back wake up time to 6:30 a.m. Easy! NOT.  My mind refuses to accept the change. Waking up to a cold, dark world it says, "No, you have another hour to sleep!  Why are you waking up?" Old habits die hard.

Yesterday we had a family home evening for the branch in the recent convert´s house, the family who was just sealed two weeks ago.  They explained the trip to the closest temple (in Santiago), one full of many unplanned challenges and fighting between them.  They could feel that someone didn’t want them to go through those sacred doors.  But once they entered they said they had never felt anything like it, almost as if heaven was wrapping its arms around them.  Their 3-year-old tornado of a son knelt completely still. I can’t wait to go to the temple again!

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

Old Train Yard

View of the ocean

Which road should we take?
The Zona

I can cook :)

The ward talent show

Sharing our talents
Don't look at the man by the curtain :)

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