Sunday, July 24, 2016


July 18, 2016

Hola y hello!

My head is still spinning from this week's activities--traveling to different cities, having 8 elders sleep in our apartment, a zone activity BBQ, pulling together a branch baptism, and interviews with the new president.  Let's just say our house isn’t in the best shape haha.

With a new mission president, some things do change.  Happily we can now have zone activities with the sister missionaries, play sports, and soon we will be able to on occasion watch selected DISNEY MOVIES. Where was this for 22 months? haha Each Mission President has some discretion over his mission, and hopefully our missionaries won’t take advantage of a little more wiggle room.

Doing an exchange with a newbie missionary feels quite odd; it is as if you are looking through a time window--which jumps back 20 months.  He asked me all the same questions I did in my first area. Good thing in life we have people to look up to who have passed through it already.

The baptism was cute except the water was FREEZING when we arrived.  Poor girl was shivering in the water and she was mad because I promised her hot water, but we were traveling the whole day so unfortunately it was out of our control.

Many people tell me about what is happening in the world, it’s hard to believe. All the things that happen can get to you at times; I’m not oblivious to all the terrible things that occur on our planet. People who believe don’t just ignore the bad things and live blindly with faith but find deeper answers that ring true to the soul.  With our investigator couple we talked about how my companion and I are at a point of no return. However bad things get, however much we stray from the path, I can never deny that this is real--God exists, Jesus is our Savior and talks with real prophets today. How calming that is for me during the whirlwinds we live in.

Well my head can’t take more at the moment, so les despido.

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips
Zone Sports!
Multi Zone Meeting
Multi Zone Lunch 
Map Picture 
Ran into a friend
Getting ready for the baptism
A fun day
The Family
Baptism Celebration
Missionaries together=eating
Firing up the zone barbeque
Looking good

Not our hats :)

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