Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hay Bautismo...En Dos Meses...

July 11, 2016

Hola familia!

Well, this week was an emotional roller coaster.  It’s amazing how you can get out of a lesson where someone you’ve been working with for 3 months tells you that they’ve been lying the whole time and really don’t believe anything you’ve said—he was just meeting with us to pass the time and because he felt bad for us; and go to a lesson where the investigator you have been struggling with says they have talked with their whole family and are making the bold decision to leave their family’s church, get married and get baptized!!  Too bad he will have to wait until September to get married, but I don’t care about that even though I will probably be gone when it happens.

And the mission is like that.  It stabs you in the heart, drops it on the ground, and then throws it to the sky. I might be getting motion sickness.

Working in small branches (congregations) is interesting.  On Sunday, I gave a talk, then I led the Sunday school class, picked out videos for the elder's quorum lesson, conducted ward council while our branch president did interviews, and counted the tithing.  I can’t imagine what would happen if we didn’t show up. haha It will be weird to go back to a large ward where I can sit in the crowd for a bit.

That investigator I mentioned earlier came to church with his less active future spouse, and has now been three times.  They stayed for the whole three hours and he hung on every word that was said.  It was so refreshing to meet someone who really cares about his salvation and whose heart is reaching out to find forgiveness.

Our Sunday lunch was a little far away--about an hour walking, and since no one had a car we took a nice stroll on an abandoned train track winding through a canyon.  It reminded me of Finding Nemo. YOU WILL NEVER TAKE THE DISNEY OUT OF ME haha.

How amazing is this gospel and how it changes people.  It’s the biggest miracle I see, because it sure takes hard work.

Everything is awesome,
Elder Phillips

The long and winding track
Flashback of Finding Nemo
A bush!
Up on the housetop
Missionaries love pictures!
A long day--time for a nap!
Boats in the harbor
Our buddy

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