Sunday, July 10, 2016

Feliz 4th de Julio and New Mission President!

July 4, 2016

Hola todos!

Well even though no one realizes it here, FELIZ 4th de JULIO!!!  We are still figuring out a way to celebrate it but without fireworks, watermelon, or family, it’s a little difficult...

We'll make it work.

On Thursday we went to meet our new mission president, a very large Chilean man with lots of spirit despite the jet lag.  In our mission we haven’t been allowed to play football (soccer) or do any activities with the sister missionaries. The first thing he changed was that now we can play football (soccer), but only if there are sister missionaries playing with us.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone.  You should have seen the faces of the elders, it was like "soccer" Yay! then "only if there are sisters" No!  It didn’t bother me because our zone doesn’t even have enough missionaries to play a soccer game.

The new mission president's wife shared her conversion story, which was quite impactful.

"I was baptized at age nine with my sister and then later my mom.  There came a time when I would hide from the missionaries to avoid going to church, but like everyone, I also had a time at about age 19 where I began looking for answers in my life.  Still apprehensive of the church, I wasn’t ready to hear the lessons until one day I went to my father's house where the missionaries were sitting down teaching my dad. I had no idea he was even listening to them or was about to be baptized.  I began listening and became converted myself."

"As my father's baptism date approached he asked me if I would like to ride with him to the church to have the baptismal interview.  I said no, although I wanted to go with him.  He left and soon after we received a phone call that he had been hit by a train near the church.  At that moment I had to make a decision--would I blame God, become bitter, and fall away from the truths I cherished or just accept his will that it was all in his hands?  Thankfully I chose the latter or I wouldn’t be here with you today."

My life hasn’t had that many challenges but I know that one day, just like everyone, they will come.  I hope, like her, I can keep hold to that iron rod of truth even if I must grasp it until my hands turn purple.

Well, have a wonderful week!  Yay AMERICA!  But Chile is also bakan (cool)

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

My new mission president and his wife

Selfie time!
My package from home was supposed to be in here.  It wasn't :(
Chanaral--where I live
Close up--notice the mining hat

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