Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Viva Chile For A Second Time!

Hola!  Viva Chile!

So as I’m sure you all know--Chile won the World Cup--again! They’ve won these last two years that I’ve been here...coincidence?   I think not haha

But I didn’t get to see the game since it was Sunday and there's a thing called the Sabbath day, but at around 11 pm we heard cars honking and music blasting so we assumed Chile had won.  We chilled in the apartment eating mac and cheese and a Peruvian, black corn jello while my companion explained to me the story of a game called Kingdom Hearts.  Missionary party!

Since there are many people with addictions here my companion and I decided to grow empathy for them by trying to stop one of our addictions for 24 hours: mine was singing and his was slapping his fingers together when he gets excited.  We only lasted about 5 minutes before I began singing a tune from Mary Poppins and he called me out on it and excitedly began slapping his fingers together.  This is going to be harder than we thought.

We are teaching a new couple who are really awesome, even if they do call us by our first names and not Elder.  We were also able to see a less active member go to church with her two kids. We are working to get her and her boyfriend married so he can be baptized.  Just normal mission stuff :P

And the big news in our missionary world is this week our new Mission President comes!  Change is good in life even if it does hurt a bit sometimes.

Everything is awesome (especially you!),

Elder Phillips

Scenic view of the ocean
From up above--Antofagasta

Chanaral--where we live!
Yummy Pizza
Missionary gathering 
Goofing off before the meeting
Sweet baptism we were able to attend

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