Saturday, February 6, 2016

No Longer a Teenager

January 25, 2016

Hola familia y amigos,

On Saturday this body completed 2 decades in this lovely earthly existence. Peter Pan was disappointed because I decided to leave the island and step into a new phase in my life. Ok, lets not get too drastic--I’m still Austin Ray Phillips, but it did give me a shock to think how fast these first 20 years went and if I do that again I will be so old--40 years old. Yikes!

Our mamita bought me a cake and a cool colorful bag.  And our investigators, a young couple, after the lesson they brought out another cake, how nice!

All the members have told me this is the hottest it will get, so that’s a blessing. It’s not very humid but the sun seems to be at war with Northern Chile--sending swords of heat right through us when we step out the door.  Yay for sunscreen!

Two investigators of the sister missionaries in our ward have a Peruvian lady who takes care of the house and her son moved here recently. Both are members, inactive for a couple years.  The sisters went to visit the investigators and found them at the house and discovered that the son has been struggling with a desire to serve a mission.  They came to church and we talked seriously about what he wants to do, and after lots of deep reflection he’s going to work with us and the bishop to go on a mission.  I thought about "Decisions Determine Destiny" and how a small decision like this can literally change the world for eternity. Ask God if you should go on a mission or not (that’s to the older folks as well!)

Also we received a call from our miracle young man investigator who is on vacation in the south: "I went to church today and did visits with the missionaries.  It's awesome!"  What?!?!  Who leaves on their vacation to another part of the country and does visits with the missionaries?  And he isn’t even a member!  Well, we hope to change that last part soon. :)

Thanks for your birthday wishes!!  Love you all!

Everything is awesome,

Elder Phillips

My Birthday Package!

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